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Half Ass

Half the Caffeine

Dark Roast



On your mark... get set.... take it easy! Kick back and enjoy the moment. This blend is the full taste of our Kick Ass® coffee, with just half the caffeine, and more than a little hint of that sweet, rich, smoky magic.

Our new Half Ass blend packaging says “decaffeinated” on the front, but this blend contains caffeine. Learn more about this product withdrawal.

Half Ass Whole Bean coffee bag with cup of coffee and coffee beans
Earthy, cacao, multi-dimensional.
Tasting Notes
Sweet chocolate malt, notes of toasted pecans finishing with a heavy body.
Central & South America
Recommended Brew Methods
French Press, Drip, and Pour Over
FairtradeCanada OrganicUSDA OrganicSwiss Water ProcessKosher

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