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Lucky Jim

Good / Swift / Kick



Lucky bucker! Legend says Jim took a swift dose of horse-hoof to the head. Thought dead, a kick-ass coffee woke him up! Our lucky stars were the ones he saw.

Chocolate, tropical spice, and pine.
Tasting Notes
Medium-sweet body with a long, pronounced finish and mild acidity.
Indonesia, Central & South America
Recommended Brew Methods
Pour Over, and Drip
FairtradeCanada OrganicUSDA OrganicKosher

How-to-Brew Lucky Jim Coffee?

Let it buck!

Just how does one whip-up a revivalist cup of Jim? Any way you like it. This coffee is versatile.

But here’s a few tips on how to let’er drip (our preferred methods for this blend).

Drip Machine

1. Add water to the machine: Clean and cold makes coffee bold!

2. Add ground coffee to the machine: Use 2 tablespoons of coffee for each cup of water.

3. Turn the machine on: And let it buck.

4. Wait for the coffee: Take a deep breath and count yer lucky stars.

5). Wake Up & Kick Ass: Sip, savour and repeat as necessary.

Enjoy these Lucky stars. 
Feel free to let us know how it rolls!

The tale goes like this...

Jim was part of an early exploration party wending their way through the Rocky Mountains with a posse of pack horses.

One morning, a horse reared up and kicked Jim right in the noggin. Hit him so hard, his companions thought he was dead.

Before his fellow explorers began to dig him a grave, they first commenced to brewing coffee.

Legend has it, it was a cup of coffee that woke Jim up... Lucky bucker. That coffee musta kicked ass.

The way we see it, our lucky stars were the ones he saw.