how to French press

How to Make Kick-Ass

French Press Coffee

The Materials, The Method & The Madness for making a kick-ass French Press coffee.

About the French Press method

The French Press is the French-kiss of coffee brewing — it enables a more intimate experience with the flavour of the beans. Low-tech and time-honoured, just grind, pour and plunge. The result? A simple method, and a deliciously complex cup. Want the downlow quick?

Here are our fanatical French Press Coffee brewing instructions

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The Materials

• French press • Fresh beans • Coffee grinder • Fresh water • A kettle

french press measurements

The Measurements

We recommend 2 TBSP of coffee for every 1 cup of water. For the bold folks out there, use more. And for the, um, less bold… you get it.

Boiling water

Step 1

Boil cold, clean water.

Let water rest for at least 30 seconds after bringing it to a boil.

how to brew French press step 2

Step 2

Grind beans coarse, & drop grounds into the French Press.

step 3 how to brew french press

Step 3

Fill French Press with the desired amount of water.

step 4 see coffee  bloom.

Step 4

Watch the coffee bloom.

Psst. Fresh coffee makes a better bloom.

step 5 stir the coffee

Step 5

Give them grounds a good stir.

step 6 let the coffee rest in the french press

Step 6

Let it brew (sit still) for 4-5 minutes.

Go read a book about birds. Stretch yo’self.

step 7 plunge the french press

Step 7

Plunge gently.

Use a circular motion to ensure the grounds are just barely covered at all

step 8 serve the coffee

Step 8

Serve. Sip. Savour.

step 9 enjoy your coffee

Step 9

Repeat. Share. Wake Up & Kick Ass.


Grind fresh beans just before use. The French Press method calls for a coarse grind. Use a grind size between .75 mm and 1 mm. If the grind is too coarse it will make the coffee taste weak. If the grind is too fine, it will make the coffee taste bitter or ‘too strong’. For the most consistent outcome, we recommend using a burr grinder.

What in the heck is a bloom, buster?

A ‘bloom’ is part of the French Press coffee process in which the bean’s CO2 gasses are released as the water hits the grounds. This release causes the grounds to grow and blossom, or ‘bloom’ like a flower. Pretty cool, huh? The water forces out the beans naturally-occurring CO2, and that’s how the brewing process begins. Yum yum.

How does French Press compare to Drip Coffee?

French Press vs Drip Coffee? French Press is just a more methodical and intimate method of brewed coffee that helps to extract more flavour from the bean. A little slower? Sure. French Press time can take 10 minutes for boiling, grinding, blooming, brewing, pouring. But it kicks ass. And after all, that’s what coffee’s for, ain’t it?

coffee bloom

Bold, beautiful blends for the Press