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How to Make Kick-Ass

Pour Over Coffee

The Materials, The Method & The Madness for making a kick-ass Pour Over coffee.

About the Pour Over method

The Pour Over is a beautiful coffee brewing method. It’s crafty, clever, and doesn’t require bells or whistles or power cords. The methodical steps result in the release of more flavour and complex tastes.

Take a more detailed look below at our fanatical Pour Over Coffee brewing instructions.

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The Materials

• Fresh beans • Fresh water • Pour over (Chemex or Hario V60, etc.) • Filter • Gooseneck kettle • Coffee grinder


The Measurements

We recommend 2 TBSP of coffee for every 1 cup of water. For geeks, that’s a coffee-to-water ratio of 50 grams (1.8 oz) of ground coffee per 1 litre (34 fl oz) of water.

For the bold folks out there, use more. And for the, um, less bold… you get it.

Boiling water

Step 1

Boil cold, clean water.

Let water rest for at least 30 seconds after bringing it to a boil.

Pour Over coffee material

Step 2

Place the filter in the Pour Over.

step 3 kettle pour

Step 3


This makes it stick to the pour over walls, and preheats the brewer. Keep that hot coffee hot!

step 4 grounds

Step 4

Grind fresh beans medium coarse.

Like rough sand, or sea salt.

step 5 pour over filter full

Step 5

Add grounds into the filter. Smooth a little dip into the surface.

This allows the water to collect, instead of splashing all over.

step 6 pour wet grounds

Step 6

Gently pour a little bit of water (100ml) on the grounds.

Wait 30 seconds and let the grounds ‘bloom.’

step 7 pour over saturated grounds

Step 7

Take it easy & slowly pour the remaining water in 100ml increments

Use a circular motion to ensure the grounds are just barely covered at all times.

step 8 pour over gorilla

Step 8

Take a little trip & let it drip. Chill out.

Goodness is just about ready.

step 9 pour over drip

Step 9

Water done dripping? Remove the filter.

Careful, amigo. It’s likely hot, and no one wants grounds dropping in their coffee.

step 10 pour over swirl

Step 10

Swirl the coffee.

Pour Over serve

Step 11

Serve. Sip. Savour.

Pour Over WUKA

Step 12

Repeat. Share. Wake Up & Kick Ass.


Slow. And steady. Goose neck kettles allow for controlled even pours. Careful not to pour water on the back side of the filter. (That results in watery coffee.)Hario V60 and Chemex are great Pour Over brewing products we’d recommend.How-To-Brew French Press CoffeeOutline

how to brew pour over

What in the heck is a bloom, buster?

A ‘bloom’ is part of the Pour Over coffee process in which the bean’s CO2 gasses are released as the water hits the grounds. This release causes the grounds to grow and blossom, or ‘bloom’ like a flower.Pretty cool, huh? The water forces out the beans naturally-occurring CO2, and that’s how the brewing process begins. Yum yum.

Bold, beautiful blends for pour over