cup of coffee splashing

Where to begin?

How about here...

Large sacks of coffee

Over 25 years ago we started roasting coffee.

In a garage.

Out in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, pretty much near the middle of nowhere.

Coffee beans

That was then.

Fast forward to today, and it’s basically still just the same.

Elana sitting in front of coffee sacks

What‘s the same?

Last time we checked, the Rockies are still right outside the front door.

We still take breaks to go play in the backyard.

And as always, the beans are nothing but 100% kick-ass.

Large mountain peak

That’s our story.

Now, this here’s the legend.

Way back when, a Rocky Mountain explorer got kicked in the head by a horse.

His traveling compadres thought he was dead, and started digging a grave.

But, whoa! Legend has it he was woken up by a kick-ass cup of coffee.

Couldn’t make that shtuff up.

Cup of coffee in front of a coffee bag


Let’s have some coffee.

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