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Airscape® The Bean Keeper

Airtight Canister


This engineered Airscape® cannister keeps coffee fresh! Take coffee from the package, and put in the Bean Keeper. Like our friends remind us, "keep your beans fresh!"

Matte Black with Wake Up & Kick Ass imprint.


It’s airtight a’ight.

Not only does this beautiful cannister keep air from getting at the beans, the Airscape® locks out humidity and removes air from the cannister too!

A sealed lid, vacuum plunger and two-way valve combine to create an air-free environment. Basically, the Bean Keeper makes outer space, for your beans. Which is perfect, those beans are outta this world! We wanna keep them that way.  And, a restaurant-grade stainless steel body means ain't nothing gonna touch them.


What’s the coffee storage capacity?

The Bean Keeper easily holds 1 lb (500g) of Kicking Horse Coffee beans or ground coffee. It's so good looking, kitchen countertops are lining up to get one.

Did we mention stackable? Yup. It’s that, too.


  • Measures: 5″ w x 7″ h
  • Rubber padded bottom
  • BPA-free components Stainless Steel
  • Food safe
  • Handwash only

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