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Airscape® The Bean Keeper

Airtight Canister


This engineered Airscape® cannister keeps coffee fresh! Take coffee from the package, and put in the Bean Keeper. Like our friends remind us, "keep your beans fresh!"

Choose from two luscious finishes... Brushed Copper with a laser etched logo, or Matte Black with Wake Up & Kick Ass imprint.


It’s airtight a’ight.

Not only does this beautiful cannister keep air from getting at the beans, the Airscape® locks out humidity and removes air from the cannister too!

A sealed lid, vacuum plunger and two-way valve combine to create an air-free environment. Basically, the Bean Keeper makes outer space, for your beans. Which is perfect, those beans are outta this world! We wanna keep them that way.  And, a restaurant-grade stainless steel body means ain't nothing gonna touch them.


What’s the coffee storage capacity?

The Bean Keeper easily holds 1 lb (500g) of Kicking Horse Coffee beans or ground coffee. It's so good looking, kitchen countertops are lining up to get one.

Did we mention stackable? Yup. It’s that, too.


  • Measures: 5″ w x 7″ h
  • Rubber padded bottom
  • BPA-free components Stainless Steel
  • Food safe
  • Handwash only

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