Swiss Water Method

The Swiss Water® Process

Deep, Dark, Delicious Decaf

When it comes to our Decaf, it's just like the rest of our coffee... it tastes incredible!

There's several methods for Decaffeinating coffee beans. We only use one. The Swiss Water® Process.

Here's why.

Our Swiss Water® Process doesn't use chemicals. That's why we love it. Instead, it uses water and it maintains deep, dark, delicious flavour.

Essentially, the Swiss Water® Process removes caffeine by gently soaking green beans in a water solution for just over 8 hour. The solution absorbs caffeine from the beans, and is then repeatedly carbon filtered until 99.9% of the caffeine is removed. The beans are then dried, and we roast them to our usual level of ridiculous perfection for full flavour.

There's other methods. They include the Direct-Solvent Process, Indirect-Solvent Process, and Carbon Dioxide Process. These processes use chemicals like methylene chloride and ethyl acetate, or steps involving pressurized liquid carbon dioxide.

Some folks shy away from Decaf coffees, and we can understand. Their beans may not have been optimal, they may have been soaked in chemicals and stripped of their goodness. But our intention with Decaf coffee has been to supply the best, full-tasting coffee, with the caffeine removed in a manner that makes the flavour incredible.


Our Decaf coffee is available in both Whole Bean and Ground coffee.